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August 18, 2009

Taking it easy with schooling tonight

We worked for about an hour. Mostly on leg yielding. She did a beautiful little in place circle with leg pressure. I think my Phebers is a dressage horse at heart. You can just see the gears turning and she really tries to get the result. If there is a job she likes, schooling is it. It is hot and humid, so muggy the air feels thick. So we played for awhile and then said heck with it. I figure every time I saddle her can't be throttling down the trail. Besides, we had F-U-N! ~E.G.

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  1. Too funny! Doc is the opposite. I think he is really enjoying this trail stuff. And arena work - especially dressage - he just drags his feet. But he is go, go, go when I get going around the corn fields. A mile flies by in no time.