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August 21, 2009

Another crash...

Practicing trotting this evening on a flat track that circles a field. It is about 1/3 mile around it. I was trying to get her to trot out slower. We'd just got to one end of the field and I asked for a quick turn around. Her brain wasn't engaged with her feet and they slid right out from under her. I'm scrambling to get my foot out of the stirrup and free, my tank top catches on the saddle horn, and I'm hanging off the side by my shirt, and grab her mane and drag myself back on. During this process my neck makes a horrid cracking sound (the sound of bone spurs and arthritis), and my gut is gored by the horn. Yes, I know why endurance riders don't have horns on their saddles, but they don't ride Phebes. She didn't mean to do it, she just did not connect mentally that I was going to do that fast turn around, her brain probably googling at some bush she thought might eat her. ***sigh***

Other than that mishap, she did pretty good. A little sticky at times, but for the most part she was trying to please. Next month we'll be going for some lessons to try to work out who's doing the driving, and rating. Hoping this does some good for us both. It is looking ever so doubtful that another ride will be in the cards for us this year. It has been a school of hard knocks this year for me. A lot of drama going on in my life. My Mom ill, Molly Brown my sweet boxer girl put down, my stepdad's death, my daughter going through divorce and a custody battle that isn't over yet. Now I've gone to working full time, rather than half time. Such is life. Just not my year I guess, sometimes life works that way.

Fall is coming though. My favorite time of year to ride, and I just want to go out and ENJOY my horse. Want to have a few lessons with no goals to drive me. Just some simple quiet time with my horse, learning to trot a 5 mph pace with no sucking back, me in balance hands free, and my horse relaxed. I want Phebes to be happy with her job, whatever that job turns out to be. Hmmm....that sounds like a goal doesn't it? ~E.G.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful goal! I've been trying to get to into distance riding for 4 summers now. I think I am actually going to make my first ride this upcoming weekend! Whoo Hoo! Hang in there, when the time is right, things will fall into place.

  2. Lida, if you ever would like to come down to Versailles I'd love to do some training miles with you. I ride all winter (road conditions permitting). I also have trails behind my place where I'm allowed to ride. Your boy has a perfect pace (in my mind) for a nice easy, finish the ride happily. I have no interest in riding at race pace ....probably never again!