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August 22, 2009

The elusive RFD TV endurance SADDLE

I am posting up a few saddles that were close to the one pictured on the RFD AERC episode last week. The saddle the man from Texas was using had longer blocking to support the legs, and a somewhat smaller pommel than pictured here. Some saddles that were close were the Orthoflex models, and American Flex Tree saddles. Pricey, beautiful saddles.

Another saddle that I really like the look of is the Startrek Delfin. It appears to be lightweight, has a handy "grab pommel" for emergency balancing (I seem to have a lot of that...) a western styled cantle, and an english styled flap under the leg. Maybe....someday this saddle will be in our future :) Thought you all might enjoy seeing some of these beautiful saddles. ~ E.G.

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