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August 23, 2009

A Training Breakthrough

I discovered today with focused work that my inability to balance on my horse is a training issue more than a rider issue. Doug rode his horse Cree down to the training track, and I worked Phebes back and forth across the west side where it was flat to try and just get her to boogies, no horse eating ducks, cranes, or squirrels. Back and forth, back and forth, constantly trying to slow down her trot, even if it meant stopping, and starting again. Doug just waited at one end of the track and we yo-yo-ed back and forth. Eventually a soft little trot began to emerge, her back lifted, and I was able to post off of my seat with LOOK MOM NO HANDS!!! It was awesome, AWESOME stuff. We continued to walk, and then trot, off and on for 10.5 miles. She would now and again break out of it when she was out of her comfort zone, but I'd make her stop, and start again. Today was the best progress I've had with this horse in the past six months. Doug and Cree were a major help for keeping her calm. Cree is the lead horse here and I think it helped her mind that he was standing there grazing, and unfrazzled by his surroundings. If I get this worked out it will likely mean I won't be able to ride a ride with my group of friends, as my pace will be considerably slower, but that pace is what I LIKE. I feel safe, my horse is calm, and we had fun. It couldn't have got much better than it was today.

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  1. Isn't it great when you have a ride like that! It must be the timing cause i had on like that yesterday!!

    > boogies, no horse eating ducks, cranes, or squirrels.

    HAHAHA! A deer landed 10 feet in front of us! is pulse shot up to like 265 :)

    Zach Rabow