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May 20, 2009

Magnesium and Vitamin E

By recommendation of my favorite Endurance Veterinarian Phebes is going on a Vitamin E supplement and also Magnesium. Doug ordered two tubs of the Magnesium, and a large tub of the Vitamin E. It is my understanding that Magnesium is an important mineral for horses prone to tye up, air ferns, or insulin resistant. Phebes is 2 out of the 3 so Magnesium is going into the feed bucket. Vitamin E is known for not only it's antioxdative effect cleaning up the free radicals, but horses that train hard, work hard, and compete are constantly tearing down muscle. We give them a few days off to heal, and then we are back out there again. Vitamin E helps to repair the damage. Both of these are reasonably safe and have some margin of error. I'm just going to follow the package directions (duh!).

The Selenium is another animal. The maximum dosage and the fatal dosage are very close. So if Phebes is only getting a "token" feed when she is not working, then she will get the vitamin + Selenium supplement. If she is working hard, and putting down the chow (already enriched with selenium) we will back off.


We really need to turn the tide quick. She is almost as fat as she was prior to work starting in the fall. Cannot believe how much weight she has gained with just a month off. I guess it is good in a way as she was barely maintaining her weight. This will give her some fat to store water and draw energy from for the summer work. How is that for being optimistic? All she's getting right now is a low starch reduced ration, her fats and vitamins, and grass. ~E.G.

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