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May 24, 2009

Free-Longing and practicing our trot-out...

First thing I want to congratulate Ellescee and her horse Jasper for their first LD completion! Be sure and check out her blog...I bet there will be news posted tomorrow of their first WELL DONE!!! (And thanks Tamara for the posting on your blog, I was so excited to hear they had done it) :)

Life in our world:

You can't tell by looking, but Phebes had a bath this morning, she was supposed to stay clean until this afternoon. This morning post bath she had a hoof trim, and Doug noticed two very significant rings below the coronet. One at about a 1/4 inch below, and one at about a 1/ inch below. She has always had completely smooth hoof walls, so this signifies something that went wrong. Not sure if the event at her first and only LD would show up in the hoof yet? I hope this is an indicator of that and not some laminitic issue. We have her on a low starch diet now, so hopefully whatever caused that will not be repeated. We are still waiting on the June 1st date to try under saddle again, but we are having some very short longe line exercise, and today we did some off line trot-out practice (photo above). I love the off line work, but it wears my butt out as I trot along with her and guide her with an invisible (not there, halter and rope). I will be so glad when this thing is over...and our life goes on. In the event that we try again and she crashes --Phebes will need a new job, and I've thought and thought, and can't come up with anything that really interests me. The Competitive Trail Challenges are shorter distances, and a number of those are springing up out Texas, Arkansas way, however I know of none here. They are a hybrid of trail trial meets CTR, with three levels. Novice, intermediate, and open. You start at the beginning and work your way up with experience, each level the distance increases. Hoof soccer is a possibility if I could find a like minded group. But for now, we intend to try, try, again. ~E.G.

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