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May 27, 2009

Just a few more days of waiting...

I'm really kind of nervous about starting in again, and the future in general. My biggest fear is not being able to recognize a problem setting up again. Phebe's muscle is not soft anywhere in her body, so it is difficult for me to recognize an issue creeping in until things are bad. Things we have changed:

Feed is now a low starch feed with a lower NSC than previously. We've dropped from 22 NSC to 17 NSC, and now I think we are down to about 15 NSC. She is on maintenance of about three pounds of low starch per day, and if we are working we will increase that by double. Not working, back to maintenance feed.

Minerals and Vitamins added include Magnesium daily, a multivitamin with selenium, and vitamin E daily. Free choice minerals outdoors, and in her stall.

Electrolytes daily in her feed ration. Plus I've been in contact with Mel concerning her protocol on electroltyes and think I may just start doing that prior to any ride over 10 miles, and in hot humid conditions. Hoping this will stimulate drinking, as well as maintain a balance. I've got my work cut out for me though as she's fractious about things going in her mouth. Another thing to work on I guess.

I'm going to start her back on trail this weekend at the walk. Then continue trotting intervals in the little arena area to build her up, and work on my seat in between. I've made two retraining calendars but things didn't turn around as fast with her as I'd hoped so I'll need to do that again. Bet I'm out of shape too as I've been a chair potato for a month. I've read about five books in the interim.

Say a little prayer for my snooty little horse, that she will not tye-up again, and that we WILL have a future as a distance riding team. ~E.G.

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