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May 17, 2009

When the going gets tough....

...the tough get going! Just for fun today I broke Puddin' out of retirement. She was like putting on an old shoe, feels a little funny at first, but then, just right! My beautiful old girl (this is Phebes mommy by the way) who is blind in her left eye, and only about half sighted in the other. She rode well so long as her blind side was to the fence. With her sighted eye to the fence she was unsure of the distance, no depth perception would be my guess. She would stop within six feet of the fence on her sighted side. I do think she would ride a clear trail quite well still at pleasure riding pace, and I might let her do that some this summer if I can find an able body to ride along. She is such a sweet old horse my Puddin.

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  1. There is a CTR this weekend in KY. Sheltowee Run. ( I MAY go to it and do the 30. A girl called who needs a ride so I need to see if I can talk my hubby into watching the kids and giving me the time off. They may need volunteers if you want to be around horses, etc. Just an FYI.

    Your old girl looks good!

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