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May 6, 2009

April 18th Chicken Chase results for those I know...

50 horses started and 44 finished (we almost made that number 43 by the hair of her chin).

Michelle D. 3:35-11th place.

Gwen A. finished 3:38 in 16th place.

Mike U. 3:38 for a 17th place finish.

Kari D. 3:44 for an 18th place finish.

Lyn W. 3:52 for a 22nd place finish.

E.G. 3:52 for a 23rd place finish.

Chris E. 3:53 for a 24th place finish.

Less than a 20 minute spread between all of us. Chris and Lyn would both have had higher placements but were gracious and waited for Phebes to pulse down, and to end her hold time before leaving to ride with me. This lost each of them an extra five to ten minutes. Chris said it wasn't about placement for her, it is about finishing. She had over 50 AERC rides on her former horse Jake, and that was after two National CTR Championships! So she knows how to get longevity out of a horse. If only I can begin to get that many rides on Phebes. ~E.G.

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