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May 5, 2009

30 minute total walk trot session = 15 minutes of trotting

We repeated the same session as yesterday. I'm riding very conservative until the vet is out on the 11th. Trotting was nice, soft, and relaxed.

I tried to put into practice the more relaxed posting trot of yesterday. Again, I had it most of the time, but would fall out of it now and then. First cue? She'd speed up, and I'd check where are my feet, and they'd be splayed out a little instead of in. This process is going to take a lot of repetition to get it into sensory and muscle memory. I wonder if enough sessions in the arena (my elongated round pen area) will translate to the trail when the time comes.

Other Phebe's rump as soft as it should be. She is much firmer than the other two horses, but the other two are pasture potatoes. The top line will give when I push on it, but as you go down the side of the rump heading toward the thigh she is very firm, also the backs of her hind legs, as is her neck, her chest, her back. How can I tell "fit" from tyed up? Guess these are all questions to ask the vet when she comes out. She's moving fine, and she's not sweating, or acting in distress (but so she was when she really was tye-ed up. ~E.G.


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