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May 7, 2009

Rainy days and Work days get me down

Wednesday poured rain, and it was a cold rain. Today was my long day at work, so Phebes has had the past two days off. When I got home late this evening Doug was getting ready to put the horses up. Some riders came down the road about the same time. Phebes came galloping in from the field with her tail straight up, all snort and doubting her percentage of arabian when she does that, it is breathtaking. She is as beautiful as any horse I could conjure in my imagination.

Phebes and I have had a difficult time bonding. Even the miles just did not give me that connection that I like to feel for my horse. The post ride catastrophe however did something to me. Made me look past the frustration of the previous months, to the learning strides she's made. She was so good at the ride. You would not have known she was the same wild ride of previous months. The horse that could not step into the mud, cross a creek, solo down a trail, walk, trot, or canter, load into a trailer, walk down a hill, stop or go when asked, the horse who had never camped, never seen a ride camp, never ridden in a pack of 50 horses... I've not given my little horse the credit she deserves. Is she a pain in the butt? Well, she can be...but not the same horse at all as I had just a year ago this April. So I see what hard work and believing in something accomplish. I'm liking this horse, and caring about this horse with the independent streak. She's a lot different horse than her mama. Puddin' was all "ask me and I'll try...even if I'm scared to death, I'll try." Phebes is "show me you are a worthy leader and I will walk beside you." "Speak to me in a language that I can understand, then I will carry you, and I will give you all or maybe more than I have." If I could love Puddin' for her "try", what could I accomplish if I can learn to partner with this one? This wild full of fire grey tobiano...Lil Bit of Magic.


  1. For some reason reading this post made me tear up (I'm NOT an emotional person). It's just so beautiful, the image I have of you and her in my mind when you describe what you have here.

    it's been a breathtaking journey huh? endurance has not gone the path I thought it would, that's for sure. I'm beginning to think that that's the point - to excel and suceed when it's totally different from what you pictured.

  2. I've been taken by surprise, reached out, taken hold of, and discovered something that was right in front of me. If that is what Endurance is...I'll take it.