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April 6, 2009

Just holding my breath as we wind down to 12 remaining days ...

...I need to formulate my strategy as to maintaining condition vs. risk. Today it is wet and cold, and I believe the forecast will be the same for tomorrow. I'm not keen on the idea of round penning when the ground is slick like this. My pen is just dirt, and I envision a leg slipping under one of the panels. I may take her out there on a line and just work on yeilds and backups etc to keep her mind occupied, and skip the walk/trot/canter session. Later in the week I'll saddle up and just work on my balance issues at the trot if the footing is good up there by then. If not I'll pleasure ride or do some slow hill work. If the weather turns around by Saturday Doug and I may haul to the park and pleasure ride for about 12 miles. There is an old cemetary within the park that I've wanted to investigate, so thought that might be fun, while keeping her base intact. Would like to have worked in just one more training ride at the extended trot, even a 7 mile session, but won't have a training partner again prior to The Chicken Chase. It only takes us about an hour ten minutes to do the 7.5 mile loop if we have a friend in tow. Riding alone is rather "sticky" with her. Which is one of the issues I hope to work out with lessons, and some advice from a trainer, Kevin Wescott. I had posed a question through the Livery Stable, and my question was chosen for an answer. When I hear back from them I'll post up the advice I've been given for her. Hoping to get some feedback soon so I can put the advice to work. The sun is peeking out...but temperatures remain deceptively cold. ~E.G.

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  1. So what day are you riding? Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

    Michelle Detmer