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April 8, 2009


Ten days (butterflies)!

WANTED: A set of fleece covers for my leathers which are 1.5 inches wide. I'd love to find a good used set as opposed to buying new. My preference is black, natural, or royal blue. I have a new pair of size large Cashel stirrup cushions for sale or trade. These are 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches, they velcro around the bottom of a western styled stirrup.

We just worked at schooling tonight, and I likely won't get to be back in the saddle until Saturday. My twelve hour work day is tomorrow, and Friday I have all day family obligations. The weather forecast is looking favorable for Saturday and Sunday. So to the park one day, and nothing but hill work the other. Then I'll try to get out again on Monday. Rest for Phebes on Tues. Schooling on Wednesday. Off Thursday, and we'll haul out of here bright and early on Friday. I may base which day I ride on the weather....still thinking on it. ~E.G.


  1. trust me, i feel your pain :) Saturday i'm actually doing a show with gazi ... english classes as x-training. He's never been in that setting tho he's doing really great. When I did ultrarunning and I could say "it's close when you can say it's day after tomorrow"... ah those pre-"nerves".

    what's your ride plan between here and there?

  2. The plan is pleasure riding between now and then. Another long trotting session would have been nice, but since I don't have a reliable training partner close at this time, I'm kind of sunk. Someday I'm sure she will be a horse that I can ride solo with confidence. She just isn't that horse now. Good luck with your show. ~E.G.