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April 5, 2009

Can it be only 13 days away?

Phebe's post-ride check was good. She had one little nick in the hoof roll, but Doug smoothed that out with a rasp today. No soreness in her back, and her appetite is ravenous! So all is well on that front.

I'm feeling very conflicted on if I should boot, or not boot for the Chicken Chase. My hoof person says no need for boots. My worry is some of those long forestry access roads that have been graveled with what in this neck of the woods we call "riff raff" which is large irregular shaped gravel. Anything on the trail would not present an issue. She did fine with the 19 miles at Brown County yesterday bare, and there was some gravel but we traveled it at a fairly moderate to slow pace. The pace at The Chicken Chase I expect to be a little more frenzied, especially at the start. So I'm just not sure, but will have to make up my mind soon.

On another front I need to start laundering things out of the horse trailer and get them ready for use. I need to sweep and mop a winter's worth of dirt out of the dressing room which serves as my semi-primitive living area at a ride. I have a cot, a mattress, a butane cook top, and some flash lights, a cheap tarp, and that about rounds out my gear. PRIMITIVE. I'll need to pick up a large tote for the vet check area to keep my horse blanket, people lunch cooler, hay flakes, and electrolytes should I decide I need them. Also need to figure out what I'm going to take to eat and drink. I know a large supply of gator-aid will be on the agenda as it saved me from caving in from the heat last time I camped. The one thing I'm not well-prepared for is rain. I have a slicker, and I could clip the tarp around Phebes if I had to, or lead her into the horse trailer in case of a deluge. There is really a good bit that I need organized in the next two weeks.

After The Chicken Chase I'm looking into some lessons. I'll probably sign up for the month of July since I don't have a ride on my agenda for that month. I could go to Salamonie but I think the money would be better spent on a month of lessons that focus just on getting my seat, and riding balanced, on this horse. I'll use the training and exercise lessons in this area to maintain fitness, coupled with some nice pleasure rides. Exciting to think that our adventure is about to begin. ~E.G.


  1. Glad to hear you guys are doing well and on track for Chicken Chase! I think Quazar and I might potentionally be out but I'm not going to offically call it until sometime next week. Check my blog too.....was hoping you can maybe give some advice on my Easy Boot Epic problem.

  2. Kari,

    I posted on your blog. Hoping Karen Chaton stops by and reads your post as she is the best source on boot fitting you will find. The things that come to mind are:

    Ordering the straps in a size larger.

    Cutting down the strap so it rests a little lower on the heel.

    Removing the straps altogether.

    I'm betting Quazar doesn't have a lot of hoof at the heel?

    Hope you can find resolution. If you can't ride the ride, come on down and let him practice camping and get used to the sights and sounds at ride camp. ~E.G.