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April 4, 2009

Brown County Ride went GREAT!!!

Phebes started out a little rocky when we got there, being pushy and not listening. I finally put her on a longe line and worked her for about five minutes, and then did a short pre-ride while the others were getting ready. This seemed to really help her mind. She was not wanting to charge off down the trail from the onset, which was nice. She didn't drink the first ten miles or so. We took a short lunch break out in the woods and I let her nibble on bits of grass, and hand walked her to the creek to see if she'd be more interested in water if I wasn't sitting on her. NOPE! We headed back out down the trail and after about another five miles she hit the brakes at the next water hole. She tanked up. Another few miles and she did it again. So I guess I just have to give her the opportunity and she will drink when she is ready. When we got back she pulsed right down, and shoved her face into the yummy hay from Nicole's farm, and she really stuffed in the hay, let me tell you!

I rode with Lynn, Chris, and Gwen. Gwen Anrico had ridden with me early in the winter when things were still REALLY hairy. She complimented me on Phebes improvement over the past few months. Gwen also talked with me concerning the use of electrolytes. Gwen was the regional LD AERC champion 2008, so I figure she gives good advice. So we get to add another 19 miles to our training log for today. Excellent ride day!!! ~E.G.


  1. Glad to hear the ride went well! Especially with 4 horses!

  2. good deal.. have been working with "longing" too pre-ride.. Have you ever done that at a "ride" before you started?

  3. manker: This horse has never been to a ride, but I expect that will be my strategy to try to take the edge off of her. It really didn't take all that long, and seemed to go a long way towards settling her nerves.

  4. Nicole,

    The only issue I had with her this trip was the "stickiness". Whenever we'd go off ahead for awhile she would want to stop and wait for the rest...she must have been talking with Arabee, as you said Arabee was doing that our last ride *LOL* ~E.G.