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March 2, 2009

My view from on top of our world

I was thinking to myself yesterday how lucky I am to have a horse that is willing to go out alone without other horses. No calling, no looking back, no balking. Granted we have our own set of problems and training issues to work on, but this critical one came easy. Often I have no second person to ride with and if I did not ride alone, I'd be unable to get this Limited Distance thing done ever. Yesterday as we rode the trails behind our place I was looking at my world with open eyes. It was beautiful my view from the top of our world. We were standing on a hilltop, wind roaring through barren tree branches , Laughery Creek flowing a hundred feet or more below, grassy fields, and more hills to climb. The view from between my horse's ears is what makes all the effort worthwhile. A non-horse person would never understand it. ~E.G.

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