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March 1, 2009

Bright, cold, & sunny! 10 more miles.

I could do the happy dance! Phebes and I got 10 more miles in today. We didn't go fast because we were by ourselves, but we did get to do hill work which is important. She pulled a couple of stunts to entertain herself but otherwise was pretty well behaved.

The first five miles she was wearing Easyboot Gloves on the hind hooves, and Easyboot Epics on the front hooves. I sure hope that Easyboot addresses the barefoot hoof in relation to the Easyboot Gloves. I would love to have these on my horse all the way around. The Gloves are so easy to put on. I just lined it up, got it started and tapped with my rubber mallet and they just pop right into place. The Epics were not so easy to get on or off. The left front popped on without too much sweating, but the right front pretty much had me madder than a hornet getting it on. I really believe that hoof may be in between sizes. My thoughts are that I'm going to remove the cover over the teeth, and hammer those teeth down and see if I can't get myself a little wiggle room getting the boots on. Getting them off was a little bit tough, but using a large flat handled screw driver helped tremendously. We went through quite a bit of mud today, we waded through Laughery Creek in the shallows and all the boots stayed put. I did a little trotting and cantered up a few of the hills and everything seemed fine when I brought her back after the first five miles. At that point I had pulled the boots, and didn't want to go back into the process of putting them back on slathered in mud, so I did the last five mile loop bare-hooved.

It will take some doing to give me the confidence to canter and gallop in the boots. She did not appear to have any interference problems. My memory of catching that front boot with a hind hoof with Puddin' and nearly going down still lingers in my brain cells. I'll forget where I put my glasses in five minutes, but I'll remember that FOREVER. I will probably go ahead and boot for Henryville next week to get the lay of the land, and see if the boots will be necessary or not for competition. My preference is always bare-hooved when ever possible. The Easyboot Glove is the next best thing to bare. No other boots compare...of course I've not used other brands of boots, so that statement should nothing I have experienced comes close to the Easyboot Glove. Now if they would just mold her front feet and make me a set for those! ~E.G.

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  1. Gald yyou are sorting out your booting woes. I finally got the final and last fit kit and the 0.5 was as close as I was going to get for JB for a fit, but just not going to do it. The V at the front of the boot is not spreading like I would like it too. Jb is about at 47 degrees for an angel. We still have some work to do to get him right and in the low 50's range for hoof angle. The Epics should be arriving any day , so I hope those work better for JB. If not, my last choice is the Renegades. Nice to see you are finally getting some riding in.