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March 1, 2009

Back to my exercise schedule

Last week was a bear. I had two 11 hour work days plus my regular day and almost six hours of drive time. My daughter and Grandson were here and stayed overnight, and then I help Mom to get her running done one morning a week. My health issues sometimes gather up and wipe me out. I fight very hard to be able to ride, and when I get thrown I'm usually out of commission for awhile as Fibromyalgia does not like connecting with the ground. Really yesterday I was just really feeling back to myself again after the last fall from Phebes, though I count myself lucky as it could have been far worse. Thank God for mud I say!

This morning I got back to my bike riding after almost a week off. Rode 9 miles this morning to the tunes of CMT's "Guess I should of been more like her" and some other stuff such as Kevin Costner who wouldn't have to sing at all....just look pretty *smile*.

The weather is supposed to take an upswing this week. Some chances for rain, but showers not downpours. They haven't hardly got the weather right all winter, but I'm still crossing everything for some ride time. It is cold today, but I'm washing up Phebe's girth and planning a ride out back for some slow hill work. I haven't heard from Chris yet, so not sure of the plan for Saturday. Know we intend to do Henryville, but I don't know yet our time or launching place yet. The parking up by Bill Wilson's place is very limited and there is no water there. The parking down at the Forestry is very nice, but not sure how that area relates to the route we intend to take? I'll need to talk with David Monroe, he knows the lay of the trails up there. My plan is to allow Phebes to see the trail, covering it at a moderate to slow pace so she can soak it in. That way I can find out if we have any sticky issues and work them out then rather than during an actual ride. I'd like to do the fifteen mile loop next weekend, and then do the ten mile loop twice the following weekend. Back to Versailles after that for XYZ, then the last weekend of March back to Henryville to ride the entire trail loop for the 25 mile with a hold in the middle to see if she is actually ready. If she isn't I'll need to really tighten up my training schedule for the following two weeks, then let her have some days off prior to the ride weekend. That would be a good time to do our electric pen, and camping thing. If when all is said and done I don't think she is ready we will delay her debut to Top of the Rock which I'm told is much hotter and harder than Chicken Chase due to the change in weather.

That is the immediate plan, and we will see how it goes. Of course there will have to be some shorter rides in between the weekend rides. ~E.G.

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