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February 28, 2009

What a nice ride today!

Nicole joined us for a 7.5 mile loop at the Versailles State Park. We did intervals walk, trot, walk, trot and so on. I cantered Phebes a little bit but it was nice and slow. Phebes and Arabee really hit it off! No mare ears, and they were nickering to each other and not too pleased to be going off on separate trailers. Arabee is a really nice mare. She reminded me so much of my Puddin' as she is in your pocket sweet, now that Nicole, you kind of have to watch her....(kidding). We finished the loop in 1 hour 23 minutes, and I checked pulses as soon as we came in. Both horses were well below 60, and I think Arabee would have been even lower, but she was a little unsure about me sticking that thing on her. If we get to ride again, I'll do a fake vet check on Arabee and we will do a trot out. Nicole got to see one of Phebes low velocity roll backs which I hung onto this time. I'll take low velocity over high any day. Nicole commented on Phebes seemed fairly calm. I told her that was because we had an hour of round pen prior to hauling this morning. It was a nice ride, and especially fun to have two horses that are similar in where they are in the scheme of things.

I was very impressed with Arabee's good mind. She was calm and willing and is going to make a very nice distance horse over time, just hang with it Nicole you are doing a good job. That horse has some nice rock crunching bare hooves too. ~E.G.


  1. I'm glad you posted how many miles we went, I was going to ask.

    Can't wait to get to do it again. Are you going to Clark 3/14? Wanna ride with me? :-)

  2. Nicole,

    I plan to ride on March 7th, 14th, and possibly the 28th. After that my training rides will be limited to Versailles until Chicken Chase to conserve CA$H.

    Emailed Chris to see how she wants to handle the training rides. My thinking right now is to do the fifteen mile lower loop X 1 next Saturday the 7th, on the 14th the plan would be to ride the 10 mile loop twice. This is the beginning of the ride and Phebes usually is hotter the first six miles than the rest, so this will give her a little more confidence having done that loop twice already. On March 28 the plan is to ride the 10 mile loop, have an hour lunch, and then ride the 15 mile loop in five hours which would mean the horses are capable of a completion. Into April I'll ride Versailles or home. So much stuff to do over the next few weeks...electric pen, overnight camping (it's so cold!!!), breaking in the hoof boots OMG I think I might need to breathe into a paper bag. ~E.G.

  3. I'm glad you guys had a good ride. Allen and I did some road riding. The horses were absolutely flying most of the time. It was not easy to keep them to a walk. Went down a new road that we hadn't rode on before and came in behind the cemetary Allen's grandfather is buried at. He just died this summer. So we got off the horses and lead them thru it. It was a really pretty road. Flat and curvy. On one side woods and on the other back water from the Ohio. Most of it was a blur though because the horses were cantering/galloping.

    I used the renegades on Stormy and she did well with them, even at the gallop! I was so impressed with how easily they went on and off. Jazz just went completely barefoot. I didn't have time to mess with putting her boots on and I was thinking it might slow her down. But no.

    I am going out to Clark state forest the 7th with Laura. We are supposed to ride with Lois and maybe Dixie Hunter and whoever else Lois has go along with us. I'll let you know for sure and where we are meeting. Knowing the group it will probably be somewhat of a fast ride and long. I'd like to go 20 miles at least.

    Take care this week. Glad you round penned her first. So did you lead or Nicole? I imagine you did, because of your horse and you know the trails.

    Michelle Detmer

  4. Nicole led part of the time, but Phebes wanted to crowd Arabee's butt and I didn't think that was fair to Nicole to have my horse's nose up her horse's fanny, so after that I led the way. Her mare rates very well. Nicole has done a good job with that horse.

  5. Jacke -
    I emailed you back about riding at clark tomorrow, but I am pretty sure it won't go through based on past experiences! So, I'm leaving a comment here since I know you moderate them so you'll get it.

    What do you think of meeting up and hauling down together? I would love to pay for 1/2 the fuel, and if we get to the interstate that way, we'll go right by DM's house and could pick up his horse too. How many horses does your trailer hold?

    Just let me know what you think, it's just a thought.

    Booting - I had thought of leaving Arabee barefoot since she really is in need of a trim. I thought leaving her barefoot would allow her some much needed self-trimming. But that may not be a great idea based on the trail description in the ride flyer. If I had just trimmed her hooves, I'd for sure boot her up, but....since she could almost use a new trim, I was thinking of leaving her bare. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that, too.

    thanks, Nicole

  6. Nicole,

    Just in case my mail isn't going out. Yes I can pick you up. Email a copy to me at with driving directions (include landmarks and road #'s) Will need to be at your place and have you and your gear on board by 9:00, and will try to get to your place by 8:30. That should get us to Henryville by 10? Let the horses munch hay while we tack up. My trailer is a slant but there is a divider to keep the two horses apart. Phebes will have to ride up front as I don't think she would get in the back, she's to "monk" OCD.