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March 18, 2009

Me and my maybe broken nose


Oh bloody it again *SIGH*

I think Phebes broke my nose. It hurts guessed it.

We did exercises up here in the pen, that went well. Took her out for some practical work on the trail. We were walkng, trotting, walking, trotting, in between walking up hills to build her up. I decided to trot her out on a flat section and it was going along pretty nicely when she just hit the brakes, and flung me forward, her head went up as I came forward and I saw stars, then some blood, and I felt a little woozy (where's the Cybil dust when you really need it). So I decided enough is enough for today. We walked the rest of the way home as I was just over it. I just know someone will ask me if my husband hit me tomorrow (I work in mental health services and expect I will look lovely sitting at the check out desk tomorrow, if they even let me stay.

But we got in another five miles. Yee haw (no exclamation points).



  1. That's terrible!

    Only an endurance rider would exclaim that they "got in 5 miles" with a broken nose. On the VV rides, one of the riders posted that her mileage today "was the best she could do with 2 broken ribs".

  2. Actually it is kind of numb now, a big improvement. But I got blood on my favorite shirt from my very first ride. Phebes didn't even know she'd done anything special...pass the Cybil dust, I'll be snorting it before bedtime if it will keep this thing numb.

  3. Morning update on "The Nose".

    Very bruised, but NOT broken. See Granny doing the "happy dance".