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March 17, 2009

Take the bull by the horns, or in this case the MULE BY THE EARS!

Nicole and I have had some email communications on the Phebes. I schooled in the pen last night, but tonight I took it to the trails out back. I'm using the basic idea that Nicole gave me, but modified it to suit the situation. The situation being Phebes does not want to trot. She wants to canter. So the goal tonight was pretty much walk, trot 5 strides, walk or halt. Walk, trot 10 strides, walk or halt. Repeating this procedure, and increasing the trotting distance. If she broke stride we halted, reversed up the trail, and started over again. Every time she made any kind of mistake, we would do a one rein stop, then head the other direction turn, and do it over. Coming home she trotted the length of the field and did not break stride, and that my friends is a FIRST. She was pointed towards home and very eager to get home. So I was proud of the small accomplishment. The problem with this, is we are riding alone, as most of the time that is how I have to train. So I'm not sure the work will be applicable to her mind when RACE BRAIN (better known as Cybil Syndrome) sets in next time I'm in a group. I'll work this process when Nicole rides with me next, and see how that goes. We only did 5.15 miles tonight, but at least it was under control and sensible. ~E.G.


  1. hehe- My experience has been... Let them do whatever it is they want to do- then make 'em do it some more... until they get sick of it... then, they seem to want to slow down... I've heard Clinton Anderson say/do the same thing...

    TAZ always wanted to do her own thing- until I said, "okay- this is FUN!! Let's keep this up!! Now she would rather we plod along... I'm lucky if I can get her to walk 3.5mph :P

  2. Hooray for success!

    I wonder, would the L.S.E.G.H :-) ride with you at home and would that simulate the race brain effect? Or is Phebes so used to his horse that it's not a big deal?

    This seems weird to say, but I hope that riding w/ Arabee on Saturday is enough to get her worked up! That way you'll have a chance to work on the issues in a smaller group.

    Keep up the good work!