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March 19, 2009

Bruised but not Broken

I've been thinking about the fact that my nose is bruised but not broken, and how that statement really fits the relationship between me and my horse. Phebes has her problems, no doubt about that. But we have covered a lot of turf in the past twelve months. Last year this time Phebes could not be ridden outside of the round pen, she had not been off the property, would not cross water, would not canter, would not have her hind feet picked up, would not allow herself to be wormed the normal way, had never been ridden on the road, would not get near a horse trailer, let alone load. A lot of hard work, a whole lot of emotion, and many hours have passed to get where we are now.

A horse that rides off without barn sour issues, crosses water, REALLY LIKES TO CANTER, stands to get her hooves trimmed, loads in a trailer, crosses water, had her first two rides on a road with other horses, and had her wormer last night the normal way.

Literally a thousand hours on my little problem horse. A relationship that is bruised, but not broken... ~Endurance Granny


  1. Yes. You have come a long way with her. And you should be proud.

    I've had the same thing happen to my nose once. It was a friend of mine when I was a teenager who had a horse that loved to fling her head. Usually it didn't collide with human heads unless she put on the breaks like that. Happend to my friend a lot more often. Her horse was naughty, very race brain and very head flingy, very jiggy, never walked with other horses, etc. We probably didn't use the right bits or saddles but she still could have been better behaved. Your horse from what I've seen and read from you is not half as bad as hers was. So see, there are worse out there. And I wouldn't say it was neccessarily the rider because they had 3 other horses and they were all very well behaved. Just Dutchess, of course she was the only arabian they had.

    Michelle Detmer

  2. I know what you mean. There are times I want to scream at my Standardbred mare "WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER!!!" But you know what? Her heart is great and sometimes she just can't help herself. I've let her down and have felt awful. Even as difficult as she is, I still think she has been worth EVERY figurative black eye and bruise. That being said...I'm glad I have a second horse for when I want an uncomplicated ride. But for sheer joy (and frusteration) nothing beats Minx.

    I think if you step back and read some of your blogs in the past you will be amazed at how far you have come. How about being unable to even walk downhill?