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March 3, 2009

I've been thinking about the longer distances

It is probably a mute point, but I just really don't have any aspirations for a 100 mile ride. I respect the horses and riders who are this capable, but even if my physical self was able, I'm not so sure that I would risk my horse to prove the point. Even though fatalities among endurance horses are relatively low, I'm just too much of a worrier and a fretter. I will likely find my happy niche among the Limited Distance Riders and watch those with more fortitude do the longer distances. A friend has encouraged me to consider my horse as a 50 mile prospect eventually. That will depend on her getting more collected, my getting more balanced, trust building and partnership, and a string of ever faster paced LD's before that will ever go on the burner. Someone who knows endurance horses pretty well said if he had my horse, he'd be completing 50's this year, and winning them next year. It came from a rider I respect alot....just wish he could show me how to glue my butt to the saddle on my zig-zagging spinning steed *LOL*. If I can get through this season with a few healthy and sane completions on Phebes, I might make my 2009 winter goal some weekly riding lessons. It would help to maintain her condition, and perhaps clear up the slap dash riding that is bound to affect her over the long haul with my middleweight load.

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  1. So far my riding lesson money is being spent on vet bills, feed, and other "necceccities".

    One thing I will say is that it's A LOT more expensive to up the distance. I see the vet more often just for my peace of mind. If I was doing LD's only (or even just 50's) I would probably "wait and see" on a lot of the minor injuries (and they would probably be fine). I don't because with 100 miles I'm so afriad an extrememly mild issue will blow up on a longer distance and I could have corrected it easily in the beginning....

    But is it the chicken and the egg? the pull rates for rides over 50 miles is so much higher than an LD that maybe I wouldn't ahve the vet bills anyways if I wasn't doing the milage. It's a mute point anyways because I love the distance and Farley LOVE LOVE LOVES the trail. She was more energetic and focused at the end of that 65 than any previous ride. I like thinking and overanalyzing stuff though.