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March 3, 2009

Indiana Endurance Riders & IAHC Distance Program

I hope that the IAHC will be alright with my cross-posting this. It is important enough that I wanted to share it with other Indiana Distance Riders. If you have thought about joining a local club now is the time. This year will define if the IAHC Distance Club continues. The club is in dire need of people to serve on the various committees. For folks that like to compete on the local level this club is extremely important as it is the only of its kind here in Central to South Indiana. If the club is to survive it needs members who will actively participate and support the club. Volunteers for committee positions will dictate if the club will continue. This club tracks your horse / rider history, and you are competing within your club vs. only on the National level. For some of us small potatoes the little puddle is more fun, and more competitive. They offer year end awards, and the meetings are not burdensome, with maybe three each year. There are no "mandatory" rides that would exempt you from participating (some clubs have these)if you missed that one ride.

If you are interested in joining and also serving on a committee contact one of these people, and compete against other Indiana riders for year end awards, meet the folk, and enjoy the annual banquet.

Distance Program Committee:
Teresa Searcy (812) 294-4922
Angela Lennox (317) 769-2559
Advisor: Susan Federspiel (260) 672-3341

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