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March 21, 2009

15 miles made very good time! An almost PERFECT day!

Nicole met up with Doug and I at the park about 10:00 this morning. She had her tack area loaded up with nice green crunchy alfalfa hay for Phebes to take along to make tasty treats on our rides this summer. Doug, Nicole, and I all headed out together. Doug rode at a pleasure pace with Cree as it was Big Cree's first time out in a couple months. Nicole and I headed on out. We finished our first 7.5 mile loop on schedule averaging 6-7 mph. The only things that slowed us down were the water stops, as we offered the horses water EVERY opportunity, training issues anytime Phebes broke gait I corrected her with a one rein stop. Nicole was very good about this and would trot off, then wait for Phebes around a bend or something so that she could mentally "get" that she would catch the other horse by trotting, not by cantering. Arabee had a boogery old tree branch that presented a training opportunity and she did really well. Three tries, she had it down.

Phebes and Arabee do really well together. Phebes doesn't get excitable, she doesn't get overly race brained, and they rate reasonably well together. Arabee has a nice little trot, not too forward, not to slow. Arabee pulsed down right away after both loops, and Phebes though a little higher, was low enough (60 or below). We had fake vet checks with Doug and Nicole playing vet, and trot outs. Both horses look really good. They ran bare hooved today over all terrain including gravel.

All said and done we covered 15 miles in about 2 1/2 hours ride time with a short fifteen minute break in the middle as the riders needed it!

Thanks Nicole for riding along with me. Sure appreciate it, and REALLY appreciate that you took consideration for the needs of my horse rather than just racing off into the distance. She did well today other than being a little stuck at the water stops. Good ride!!!!


  1. Do you guys have your negative coggins papers for Chicken Chase? Your supposed to have them even for just hauling out. I need to check mine. But I think they are good until May. I also need to vaccinate Stormy before the ride so I had better make it soon.

    Michelle Detmer

  2. Haha Jacke - I wish I could claim being nice and sweet and considerate....but really, when you guys would get behind - it was my mare who slowed down, not me! She didn't want to be riding around ALONE in the WOODS! :-) Well, at least part of it was Arabee.

    I had a really good time - can't wait to get some more miles in next weekend.

  3. Michelle,

    Nicole and I both live in Indiana, we do not need a negative Coggin's to travel or compete in Indiana unless RIDE MGT. makes it a requirement. If you cross state lines then a health certificate/coggins becomes an issue. ~E.G.

  4. I do believe you still need a coggins to do an endurance ride. They never check, ususally. But I know my mentor in 2005 would NEVER let me go to one without me having it with us (even the in state ones, we just didn't need to get a health certificate for those). I had to go back a few miles one time to get it, because I left it at home. She said if you get pulled over, they usually check your coggins and if you don't have one they can take your horses. Maybe she just liked scaring me, but I know I'd appreciate knowing that all the horses were coggins free at the rides I attend. It's not hard just a little blood, nor expensive and it's only once a year. I sometimes just trailer my horse to the vet so I don't have to pay the vet call. Or I do it in conjunction with my other vaccinations. How well does Phebe handle her vaccinations? Do you administer them or do you have the vet do it? I can do them, but sometimes it's nice just to let the vet do it.

    FYI, strangles is going around. I'm making sure Stormy and Jazz have their vaccinations before taking them out with other horses again.

    Michelle Detmer

  5. My mare is not due for any of her vaccinations until the end of May. Last year the vet gave them, this year I'll probably do it, as I have in the past and it saves a ton of money.