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March 21, 2009

The Indiana Rule for Coggins

This is a copy of the rule per Indiana State Law:" Whenever an animal is transported into Indiana, a copy of any certificate of veterinary inspection approved by the state of origin shall be forwarded to the Indiana state veterinarian within ten (10) days after the date of issue by the state veterinarian in the state of origin." The same applies to the Coggin's.

Some shows require it.

Some rides require it.

If you live and compete solely in Indiana it is a "mute" point because the horses coming in from out of state HAVE TO HAVE IT, to protect the horses in your given state.


2. Horses coming from outside Indiana for exhibition in Indiana must meet the following requirements:
a. Each horse must test negative for E.I.A. (Coggins test) within 12 months of the date of exhibition.
Each horse must be accompanied by an official certificate of veterinary inspection that indicates the
results of the E.I.A. test.
b. A suckling foal accompanying a dam that has tested negative for E.I.A. within twelve months of the
exhibition is exempt from the E.I.A. testing requirement.


3. The following applies to horses coming from Indiana for exhibition in Indiana:
a. A certificate of veterinary inspection is not required.
b. An E.I.A. (Coggins) test is not required.
For more information on horse health requirements, call the Indiana Board of Animal Health at (317)227-

If you have out of state tags or out of state home address, yes, you darn well better have both Coggins and Health Certificate covered. Traveling within the confines of your own state borders (at least in Indiana) it is not an issue, nor should it be.


  1. Well, I guess I should be gald I am moving to IN. But I want to go to rides in OH, and KY so I will still need to get the coggins. I LOVE the KY Stampede ride and can't wait to do it again. It's very challenging, even more so than Henryville. At least that's what I thought the one time I did it.

    What happened to Hoosier Daddy? I did that ride once too and now they don't have it anymore I guess.

    Michelle Detmer

  2. Nope! No Hoosier Daddy anymore. That one did require Coggin's, and could be why your mentor suggested you have it done, that and being out of state.

    What makes KY Stampede tougher?

  3. Steeper hills. More narrow with drop offs. The only place I've ever been a little worried was that ride.