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March 20, 2009


Photo appears worse than I "really" look, and actually I'm feeling fine, just sore on one side of my nose.

Doug is probably coming along with Cree tomorrow which will give us a third horse in the mix. He will probably take loop #1 Slow and then let Cree rest as he's been "not working" most of the winter. Nicole and I will continue on to loop #2. If we hustle we could potentially finish about the same time. If Cree is walking at 3.5 mph and we are trying to average a 6-7 mph pace, Doug should finish about the same time we do, maybe ahead if we take the water breaks. But I think it will work out. ~E.G.

When you are over the hill so to are happy to have a good make up day. Makeup isn't going to cover this.



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