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February 4, 2009

What does a * behind a horse's name in an Arabian pedigree mean?

I've asked the question over on Nicole's site too. Always wondered and started counting them on Aidrian's line, and there were about 26 of them on the bottom half of her pedigree. Does anyone know? ~E.G.


  1. I have to look it up now!

    An asterisk before the horse's name indicates that that animal was imported to the US from some other country.

    Now, achievement awards are somethign else - a + after the name is Legion of Honor. A +/ is Legion of Supreme Honor. A +// is Legion of Excellence. A ++ is Legion of Merit. A +++ is Legion of Supreme Merit. Legion of Masters is ++++......and there's more! This all has to do with the number of performance points a horse has earned in it's career - whether it is in the show ring or in distance riding. You have to enroll your horse for a yearly fee to get these points recorded.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks Nicole! That is really interesting information. So most of Phebes background consists of imported Polish bred horses, that makes sense. You go girl!!!

  3. Hold the boat. Are you looking at her pedigree or all breeds pedigree's .com. Because on that website a star means there is a photo of that horse. If you are looking at the pedigree the youngest horse to be imported would not have any other imported horses (behind) older than it. Make sense?

    Michelle Detmer

  4. Also, I just looked at her pedigree. Gwar was the only one close up that was imported. The others are old american. On your dam's side. Like Ferzon and the Shalimar horse.

    I LOVE arabian pedigrees.

    Michelle Detmer

  5. Michelle,

    The * photo thing...THAT IS JUST TOO FUNNY!!! I was thinking, what is the deal with all these imported horses *LOL*. I was looking at the printout from the pedigree place rather than her actual registration papers. So there were only three imported horses in Aidrian's line. But a WHOLE BUNCH OF PHOTOS, I can't quit giggling : )