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February 3, 2009


Any of you going to the AERC convention look for the booth that has a brand new boot model called the B-4 from Bonnie's Better Built Boots. The buzz I get is that she is a distance rider and has developed these boots, and they will be coming to market soon. That will be my prime objective at convention to check out these new hoof boots, since I'm on the fence waiting to see if the Easyboot Glove will fit Phebes round hooves. The website is up but not functional yet, though I keep checking: My plan is to do some hoof tracings and see how they fit into these B-4's. But let me tell ya, I want a sleek, low tech boot! Still waiting on the fit kit here, but I sure need to make a decision soon.

For those of you interested in the Renegades, Nicole got her's (the blog is Adventures on Arabee in the sidebar). She is going to post up photos when she gets the chance, and I'm eager to see how they look, and perform.


  1. I can't get any pictures to load on her site. Do you have any pictures you can post here?

    My Standardbred has GREAT feet (actually did a 50 on her where hoof protection was optional - a duck ride - so I went with nothing except her humungous bare feet), but doesn't fit any boot on the market because her feet are too wide. This sounds like it might be the ticket. It's so frusterating to slap a pair of shoes on her just to do an endurance ride, because she doesn't need them. I'll be looking forward to your feedback!

  2. Melinda,

    The website has a few photos up now. I think the design is interesting, but a little on the cumbersome side as far as application. I do like the inner bell boot which would protect the horse very well from rubs, or accidental interference. This is the truth, I actually put this boot design down on paper about two years ago, with the criss cross straps and all. Posted the "idea" up on one of the distance boards because it seemed that the counterforce of the straps would hold the boot on. Not taking any credit for the boot at all, sure she thought it up on her own. Just fascinated that someone else was thinking the same way. The hoofwing boots utilize a similar idea with their crisscross fastening system which attaches in the front. Hoofwings are pretty nice sleek little boots, but I don't know how they perform. I do know they are a much more expensive boot to purchase than the boots from the Easycare line. Phebes has never been shod, nor any of our horses. But my concern is the rocky trails we will be competing on. One wrong step could lead to a deep bruise to the heel, and we'd be out of commission. So it is my intent to get her used to boots, and use them when we are competing. IF I CAN FIND A BOOT THAT WILL FIT her naturally round hooves. ~E.G.