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February 3, 2009

Geez LOUISE! Drifting and blowing snow.

The girls (Phebes and Puddin') were just rattling they were shivering so hard. So glad I got off from work early so we could put them up and blanket them. It doesn't scare me so much with Phebes as it does my old girl. Puddin' has melanoma in her mouth, on her anal area, she's at least half blind, and she's 22 years old. I worry about her, she just can't hack being wet and cold at the same time. Sometimes the other two horses force her out of the shelter, and she was coated in ice across her entire back when I got home. She is blanketed and put up, as are the other two, with some warm mash and as much hay as we could stuff in the hay racks.

If I had two cents to rub together I SWEAR I'd take a jack hammer to the horse trailer at the first sign of a thaw, load up and move to North Carolina where the snow lasts about fifteen minutes and you get to ride all winter. I've lived here in Indiana all of my life, and every winter I lament and ask myself WHY? When there are so much more pleasant places to live. We swelter with the heat and humidity all summer, and freeze to death in the winter. Enough of my whining....surely an end is in sight! Yep, that's the plan, and sticking to it, big thaw by the weekend. ~E.G.

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  1. P.M. check on my crew...the girls were warm under their blankets, no shivering, just bright eyes, and greedy lips searching for carrots (two pockets full). Phebes looks so cute in her home-made polar fleece sweater. I call it that because it doesn't go all the way over the rump....I ran out of fleece *LOL*, but it has been a great liner to go under her summer sheet when the temps are cool, and in her stall it works great to hold body heat and keep her warm. Puddin is hunkered down in her old felt lined canvas blanket. That thing is three years old and hanging in there. Cree doesn't act like he needs a blanket so I let him be. Glad the three amigos are doing well on this very cold blowy night.