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February 3, 2009

More snow moving in today

I was so excited yesterday about the warmer temperatures and seeing some of the snow melting. My driveway is still about three inches of packed ice now, the wet slick stuff. The news this morning was threatening more snow for our area 2-4 inches possible. If we get it, I'll not be able to trailer out to Brown County on the weekend, because my horse trailer is literally FROZEN TO THE GROUND! The snow had partially melted and then turned to ice, and it is embedded in the stuff.

Since I've had nothing better to do, I've been researching biothane and beta suppliers. I would very much like to be able to make some of my own gear. Some of the stuff looks reasonably simple to make. The biggest hurtle is finding a machine that can sew through beta that isn't so cost prohibitive to make it not worthwhile.

Another day another dollar, got to get ready for work. ~E.G.


  1. I've been wondering where to buy the beta myself. My bridle and halter aren't sewn at all. Just holes punched and cut and hardware. I believe my breast collar is the same way. Do you know where you can buy beta-biothane?

    Michelle Detmer

  2. Hey Michelle, good to hear from you again. I do have a couple of sources for the beta-thane.

    The above sells it in color, but make sure you look at "beta" vs some of the others that are much harder.

    Weaver sells it in black and brown. You'll need a retail merchant's certificate to lay your hands on some of it. It takes a machine with some power to sew through it. Which I do not have, but do have access to.


  3. Follow up post for Michelle.

    I'd worry a little about the tack not being sewn. The brow band wouldn't worry me, but I'd want those stress points sewn in case of an emergency one rein stop. But of course you don't have as many of those as I do.


  4. Well, my browband is one that clips around my halter. It's a halter/bridle combo that is a seperate bridle without cheek peice that snaps onto the beta halter. I think I got it from Running Bear.

    My first headstall I got from Moss Rock endurance. And I think it's sewn, but I don't have it here to look at.

    Can't wait to see Nicole's Renegades.

    Michelle Detmer