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February 2, 2009

Just want to take a moment to thank

...the folks that stop in at my blog. You really help to keep me focused and moving forward. When Tamara found me, I was SO CLOSE TO GIVING UP! When daylight was right around the corner. Michelle pumped me up knowing there was another rider so close, when I thought I was all alone in my little corner of the state. Christine, I love the mule! Nicole is a newbie, and I see all the excitement in her that I have for the sport. Karen, helped me in my decision to go to an S-Hack, and that was one of the best changes I've made. Now Melinda has offered some good advice on several things I'm working on. Potato Richardson has even stopped by, how awesome is that? He's won Tevis....TWICE! If I've missed any of my endurance friends, forgive me. I am so LUCKY. Endurance riders are great in their willingness to share. The commraderie is such a big part of what endurance is. ***all smiles*** ~E.G.


  1. No,E.G.~ its more like 'let ME thank YOU!!'

    Your blog is wonderful and chock full of so much useful information-and there is a lot to relate to.

    Everyday I read your blog I'm inspired! I see you working hard everyday towards your goals- it doesn't come easy, so it reminds me to keep working hard as well! ...It'll all pay off someday-meanwhile, I just enjoy riding & reading about it on blogs such as yours.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. -You don't have to post this-

    I was just worried about you this evening...

    Looked like you had a disappointing day- not being able to ride and all, cause of the ice.

    Then, you posted such a reflective and considerate message- again, thank you!

    I guess I know how I would get- when the weather is getting me down... (I literally get depressed!)- but I have to FIGHT it!!

    That is one reason why I've enjoyed posting on my blog- just to see if there's any body out there- who gives a damn! ...and to my surprise- there are!!

    You're posts mean the MOST to me- I look SO foward to them everyday- Keep up the great work!

    Keep warm- WE are dashing down to 0's tonight! Only reaching into the 20's tomorrow... But- much warmer weather is on the way!

    Hang in there- I want pictures & videos when you're finally able to ride!

    Christine, IA

  3. Your too kind. I wish I were closer. And I wish it were summer.....

    Michelle Detmer

  4. I look forward to your blog everyday. I'm always impressed with your honesty and self-evaluation. :) What's really cool is to find out that every endurance rider has "those" days. I'm such a newbie myself and you really keep me motivated. I love reading the archives and realizing how far you've gone (not being able to go down hill and the entire post being about not going down the hill, to that same hill being mentioned as "a hissy fit" and that's it!).