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February 13, 2009

Short ride today.

A little over 5 miles of hill work today, not much, but probably enough since she's been off for three weeks. I was out riding alone, and she had herself a little snit fit. She decided "I'm NOT going." Wanting to balk, and I thought she was going to rear. I tap tap tapped with my crop using increasing force with each tap and urging her forward. At that point she decided she was mad, squealed, and commenced to jumping around and almost falling over with me. Then she flipped her head to evade the hackamore, and the left rein flipped over her head, and suddenly I'm riding a horse with one rein. YEE HA. I'm not exactly sure how I managed to get it all unraveled, but I finally did. This was at about the 1/4 mile point. After I got her pointed the right direction again, it was like nothing happened, and on we went. After having been on vacation I think she wanted to make sure who was running the show. She got a little goosey when I attempted to canter her down a dirt road, jumped sideways and wanted to buck, so I pulled her back down to a trot, but mostly a walk to just be safe. Phebes is very full of herself. Hoping the weather will hold for awhile so I can get her back into gear.

I have some family issues going on. If you are the prayerful type I'd sure appreciate some thoughts thrown out today and tomorrow for my brother who is on the East Coast. He is having a procedure tomorrow at one of the major hospitals up there some risk involved, but if he doesn't the prognosis isn't good. Because of a problem with my inner ear I cannot fly period, so I can't be there, just have to wait here and hope. The lines of communication aren't very good, and I'm getting information second hand from my other brother. My brother served our government in Iraq for a year at the beginning of the war in the rebuilding effort. He is a good and kind person, and I love him. Any prayers sent up will be really appreciated. His name is George Kissell.

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