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February 20, 2009

My second fit kit came today.

She won't fit into the gloves on her fronts, no how, no way....and I'm a little bummed about that. I have a size 1 Epic out in the horse trailer. If I get the chance I'm going to stick it on her tomorrow to see how the angle of the boot matches up to the angle of her hoof in front. If Epics won't work I may be out of luck. I did trace her hoof and the size matched up to the B-4 hoof boots but again, I'm not sure if the angle of the hoof will match the angle of the boot. Wish I'd have had my tracings today for the trade show. If I don't figure something out I may end up "just a trail rider" now that would be a very unpleasant prospect!


  1. I tried on my fit kit yesterday and didn't have much luck. They were way too big . I double checked my measurements and all was good there. Now I am waiting for my second fit kit in a smaller size. I think Jb's hooves will be a good fit as far as shape but I just hope we can find a good enough fit to stay on well enough

  2. What about going to something like a soleguard product if you can't get a boot to fit???? It would be aweful to not be able to do rides because a boot doesn't fit!