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February 20, 2009

Back from the Trade Show AERC Convention

There were a lot of nice vendors there. Nicole did her best, but I managed to slide two easyboot gloves into my bag of purchases. I did NOT find the elusive blue sponge, but I did find a royal blue sponge holder, so I got that.

There was a saddle there that weighed 7.7 pounds....leather soft as butter, the underside was wool and the tree was made of some kind of kevlar polymer. Super light. Of course all the beautiful bridles, heart monitors, all kinds of needful things that I really don't need, just "want".

Nicole's little baby is so GOOD. That little girl just rode around in her stroller taking things in. Nicole is also a good navigator, which I am not, so I was so grateful to hitch a ride into Louisville. It was a good day.

Now there is work to do here, and then some! Oh...Christine, I will check my mail again for your photo and see what I can do with it. If it is not there, check the spelling on my name in my email addy.



  1. Hey-O!! What WAS the name of the 8 pound saddle??? Sounds interesting!! How much did they want?

    Happy to hear you didn't come home empty handed-

    I wish I could have gone- maybe some time...

    Endurance Granny ( ...this is the address I sent the picture to...?

    No biggie- if we don't get 'er figured out.

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. I still say you've got to snatch up a good deal while the getting is good! Glad you got a good price on them. Hope you're not mad I didn't try TOO hard to stop you!! :-)

    Thanks for going along!

  3. The Pampa Saddle

    This saddle is made in Argentina.

    Christine, check your mail for your photos back.