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February 11, 2009

My New Ride Duds

A woman outside of Milan, IN did the stitching on these for me. I'm going to try and get another one in charcoal and have it done. They are made by Danskin, and cost $13 at Walmart. The charcoal would match my tights. The coolest thing about these are the zip up pockets, nothing to get caught, and on the back side is a hidden zip pocket for a ride card, or emergency information card etc. I thought she did a great job. If anyone wants any of her work, she is very affordable. She charged me $15 for the job, but I tipped her, it turned out so cute! ~E.G.


  1. How CUTE is that?! I want some!! I don't know if I can find the vest- but I will look- then, of course I would love her to stitch them up for me!! Great post!!

  2. If any of you want to utilize her skills here is her info. I don't see why a person couldn't mail it and have it done. But you might find someone who does custom embroidery closer to home.

    J&J Custom Embroidery 5850 Mallard Drive, Milan, IN 47031 812*654*2281 or 812*621*1406 Ask for Jullie Minneman. I saw some of her other work on heavier jackets, and it was really nice. She could customize horse blankets, hats, sweatshirts, most any clothing. She's really sweet and it only took me three days to get my item back.

  3. Hey E.G.! Just wanted to drop by to say that I got mine! Pink!! I may get another- have one made up for Bling & another for TAZ- think this gal stitches MULES??
    Thanks for the GREAT idea! Oh, & I think of you every time I pass by the exercise equipment- keep up the great work!!

  4. I saw the pink and my fingers were itching....I did buy a charcoal grey because it matches my one and only pair of riding tights. But wouldn't a bright pink shirt look pretty under the grey?

    I'm sure she can do mules, she has a whole book of different critters. The only thing she didn't seem to have was an endurance rider + Horse, but easy enough to work on that. Soon as I get the chance I'm going to have my other one stitched.