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January 15, 2009

Temps in the single digits today...

...working a twelve hour shift. Stay warm, watch out for the critters!
Easycare Hoof Boots have released their Easyboot Gloves today for order, though they all say on backorder. I have ordered the fit kit, as I am concerned that the boots may not work on Phebes atypical barefoot trimmed hooves. We have a width that is greater than the length, as do all of my barefoot horses. So when the fit kit gets here we will see what happens! I'll keep you all posted. In the event the gloves don't work I'm going to have to track down pre-2005 plain old easyboots. Good luck on that, huh? Just hoping I can get an Easyboot Glove to fit because I am crazy about those nice sleek boots!


  1. Thank you for your post mentioning the Easyboot Gloves- I had NO idea about the new product! I have always shied away from Easyboots- realizing that they can be difficult to apply. The application video on youtube made it look simple enough. So, I'm excited! I wonder how long the waiting list is...

  2. The told me today that they will start shipping on about Feb 5 or 6 on a first in first out basis. I just ordered a fit kit because I want to be sure I get the right fit front and back prior to purchase. OH I HOPE SHE CAN WEAR THESE.


  3. I also ordered my fit kit today. Can't wait to get a pair of those new easy boot gloves. i am hoping they are going to solve my stallions sore front right he suffered with last season! Hope they fit his foot. If not, I might try ti Edge.

  4. What size are her feet? I may have some old boots that would fit.

    Just as a side note - Chief's feet (which are really nice by most accounts including Pete Ramey and Jaime Jackson) do not fit into the new boots according to the size chart, he is 3 sizes off!! Not that it matters as he is going so well now in Renegades that I couldn't possibly change him back. I have never gotten so many comments about how well he moves as I have with him in the Renegades. They really allow his joint to move naturally without restriction, and do not rub at all even on multidays.

    Good luck getting the right boot to fit and having it work!

  5. Karen,

    She is wider than she is long. She's been barefoot trimmed her entire life. She measures 116 mm wide and 104 mm long on the front. When I used the sizing calculator for the easyboots, it said the only boot that would fit would be pre-2005 easyboots.

    Her rears I measured using inches vs. mm and I got 4.5 inches wide by 4.5 long measured to the heel buttress.

    She was fidgeting like mad as I measured her rears, so not sold on that measurement yet. My husband measured her fronts and she was being reasonably good, so I trust that measurement. She has beautiful waxy white hooves, with good concavity, and nice sole callous, just can't find boots that fit her sizing needs and I don't want to shoe.

    If I could find me some pre-2005 size 0's they would likely fit and could be foamed on. But of course they do eventually wear out, and do they even make the pre '05's anymore?

  6. Ahhh...well, here is a tip that should work for you. You can use the newer boots and just put in a size smaller heelstrap.

    Dave Rabe does that with his horse Okay, who has wider than long hooves and it works fine. Tigger is also similar that way - very wide hoof, so needs to keep the heelstrap in the boot to keep it stable and in place. Without it, his heel will move against the gaiter and rub back there. But with it, everything is fine for him and for Okay.

    Most of my pre-05 boots are size 2. The newer ones are 1's, I don't think I have anything smaller than that or I'd send you some to try.