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January 16, 2009

Easyboot Gloves Easyboot Glue On released for sale yesterday

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To find the fit kit link to order online:;MULTI_ITEM_SUBMIT

Easycare also released the Easyboot Edge which has less hardware, tightens with a locking nut apparatus, and is easier to apply than the bares. The Edge is also supposed to have a better tread pattern and built in break over. Priced similar to the Epic and Bare. Should be a long wearing boot with no cables to break.

The Easyboot Glue on is a single or at best double use boot sold in sets of four. These are supposed to be the bomb for multi-day rides. I like the look and idea of them, but too pricey for my budget as a single or twice used boot. A set of four glue on boots is under $100. Great for those who can afford them.

The Easyboot Glove is the boot of my dreams. They have a new sizing chart for the Glue on and the Glove. Be aware that your old size may not work with these. Get yourself a metric ruler that has mm to pre-measure. Both boots use the same shell, only the Glove has a gaiter attached, the Glue on dues on. The Glove is a sleek boot, no hardware, a little stretch in the material it is made from, easy to apply, everything one might ask for in a boot, and the tests were very positive over long distance. These come in half sizes as you want a very snug fit. The Gloves can be purchased individually so you can custom fit each hoof. The fit kit is very inexpensive, and assures you get optimal fitting to each hoof. For less than $10 the fit kit is delivered to your door. In my case I ordered a size one fit kit which includes a 0.5 , 1, and a 1.5 shell. Since my horse has atypical hooves, though she has typical barefoot hooves which are wider than they are long when measured to the heel buttress, my hopes of a fit are minimal. But I like the concept of these boots enough that I at least want to try and offer feed back to the company as to the market need for boots to fit true lifelong bare hooves.

If you would like more information on the boots go to Easycare's website, and jump off to Garrett's blog for lots of info on fitting the boots, application, etc. ~E.G.


  1. I'd enjoy seeing pictures of your barefoot horses' hooves, if you have any.

    It'll be good to see where my goal maybe should be for my barefooters. Getting closer, but not there yet. I still have slight flaring, especially on the old gelding.

  2. Nicole,

    Come down my way (about 45 minute drive) when weather is nice and my husband I'm sure would be happy to give some pointers while he's trimming our horses. It will need to be Cree or Puddin' though because Phebes is just a handful to get the job done, and he gets "cranky" as DO I. :)

    We live about 3 miles north east of Osgood off state route 350.