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January 16, 2009

The horses seem to be handling the sub-zero temps

Big Cree was out laying in the hay and eating like a cow, Puddin was sunning herself which is a stretch on a day that will hit a high of 6 degrees ! Phebes was just stuffing her little face. Nobody is shivering even though they aren't blanketed. I will blanket my girls tonight though and they will get a bucket of steaming beet pulp mash for supper to warm up their belly!

I had to bring in all the buckets from the barn to thaw out the giant ice cubes that had set up by mid morning (they had warm water at 5 am, thanks to my loving husband who is very good to me). I've carried out warm water two more times today to keep the water tank unfrozen long enough for them to drink. Glad I'm not working today so I can keep up with it.

Scooping out the stalls was an adventure. The horse apples are frozen into solid masses you have to kick apart to scoop, and then they get caught in the manure fork!

Worked all morning scrubbing, mopping, doing laundry, knockng down down cobwebs and dust bunnies. The place looks almost habitable *LOL* I even re-hung some pictures that have been down since I painted....uh.....about a year and a half ago. Still a lot needs doing but I gave out about 1:30. Wonder if all that can count as mileage on the stationary bike???

Will call Chris tonight and try to coerce, plead, beg, and mostly make a nuisance of myself trying to convince her to ride. I'm throwing hot coffee and home-made (butt kicking if I do say so myself) chocolate pie into the offer. ~E.G.

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