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January 12, 2009

No horsin' around today.

Work and a haircut got me home at near dark, by the time I checked on my auction and ate supper the sun had set. The temps have taken a nose dive and continue to drop. BAH HUMBUG!!!

There is a bid on the Dr. Cook's bridle so looks like I'll be getting Phebes a back up bridle ordered soon. Haven't decided if I'll go with blue or red...?

We have company coming sometime this weekend, and it looks like the best day to ride will be Sunday in the 30's rather than Saturday in the teens. We will just have to have a meeting of the minds and see what people think. I don't like to exercise a horse in super cold temperatures as it irritates the respiratory passages, besides having a horse all sweated up with a windchill below zero can't be good.

For those in the northern realms....stay warm!


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