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January 11, 2009

Auctioning my Dr. Cook's Bitless on Ebay

Item number: 140294282357

Anyone wanting a size medium Dr. Cook's bitless bridle, mine is up for auction on ebay. It has served me well and is in good condition. We have since switched to using an S-Hack and I'm planning to order a back up headstall from Moss Rock Endurance to fit the S-Hack.

I have some other items I've not listed yet, but will be coming up for auction between now and April. I have a pretty black and blue side pull, a green and black side pull, and a purple sidepull bridle. They are super soft, and machine washable with stainless steel rings and hardware. Puddin' loved these, so I'm keeping my black and blue ones for her in case I trail ride her in the future. I'll be selling a leather western futurity headstall, and one of my skito pads. Also some new stirrup covers that are meant to keep your toes warm out on the can put those chemical hand warmers in them and your toes don't get so frosty. I have a treeless saddle and girth with easyride stirrups that will be sold as well. It is an almost new leather treeless. I want to clear out my tack room to just the essential working items and spare items for those. I'll make note as I list these things on ebay in case anyone lurking is interested.

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