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January 11, 2009

Today it was hill work.

It is a c-c-c-cold day out there. Temps are in the teens. I layered up with long underwear, flannel shirt, and two sweaters, sweat pants, double socks and boots, gloves, sock hat, and helmet. Phebes wore her rump rug, Crestridge pad and saddle, my lovely hackamore bridle from Moss Creek Endurance (Lisa made a bridle that does not slip or twist from the weight of the hackamore and it weighs hardly anything).

The goal today was to just shimmy up and down a bunch of hills. I have a trail network behind the house, and taking just the east side of it along laughery, then back to the trotting track, and reverse to home was four miles on the Garmin. That was without taking the western side of the trail, or doing any of the inner loops. The hills were muddy with a frozen top crust that kind of breaks through into the slippy stuff. She did really well except for one hill that she has a history of having a hissy fit over, and that was pretty much what she did, but we managed not to fall down so it was a good training ride. As the daylight hours lengthen I hope to get more rides in out back there. Good cardio building on those hills. Most of the trail is nice and wide with some good flat galloping spots along the creek.

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