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January 21, 2009

Moss Rock Endurance

I wanted to brag just a little bit on Moss Rock Endurance. They make the nicest little biothane hackamore bridle for about $48 (with stainless fittings). Their design places a ring below the poll strap, which keeps the bridle from wanting to shift up close to the eye from the weight of the hackamore. I've purchased one in black, and yesterday got one in royal blue. Let me tell ya, this blue is "eye popping" royal blue. These bridles weigh next to nothing, and being biothane you can hose it off, or dunk it in a bucket. I've seen a lot of pretty tack on various sites, and think ...oh that's pretty....but who can afford some of that stuff? I've seen bridles priced at $200 and S-hacks close to $100. Moss Rock fixed me up with this pretty little bridle for less than $50. They can add overlay for free, or bling at a nominal fee. But I tend to prefer my stuff simple (but do like this in your face blue). Lisa is very good to deal with, and she will build items custom from your measurements if you like. I'm not getting a kick back and I'm not an affiliate. Just want to brag on a nice place to get your tack put together at a reasonable price with good customer service, and fast turn around on your order. You can't beat that!
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