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January 21, 2009

The Granny Workout

The "Endurance Granny" workout is still going on. I was able to ride the bike 8 miles this morning which is a first! I'm finding that riding with CMT and not watching my time on the readout helps. Seems I was mentally tiring myself out thinking arrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh! Another 2,3,4 miles to go. I just didn't watch my time today, focused on the music and figured I'd check my distance after three or four videos and commercials. By that point I was at 7.6 so I just went at it to get the extra half mile. Made for a much easier work out. So another fifteen miles this week to go and I'll reach my work out goal.

Today is "Mom" day here. I take my Mom to get her groceries and whatever running she wants to do.

The goal for Phebes this week is 12-15 miles at Brown County State Park. As usual I'm getting conflicting weather reports, but at least they so far agree no snow or rain, so we can weather the temps.

This afternoon we took to the trails behind us which are hilly and just did slow hill work. Because of my history with Phebes I'm very hestitant to ride solo, but she surprised me by being reasonably calm and very cooperative. She hasn't done a lot of solo rides, and some she's done I've bit the dirt. So today when she was scared I just stopped and let her soak in her surroundings and cued her forward after just a little bit, and she was willing. She even negotiated a rather technical downhill. It was blocked by a big tree, so we went around which put us up on the top of a big drop, then she had to step off about a foot down to the trail below the log. She negotiated very calmly I was proud of her. The weather was in the high twenties, and the ground is frozen. She was crunching through ice on the little streams and she took that well too. The hills we did only amounted to a little over 2 1/2 miles but she was really huffing and puffing when we got back, so it was a good slow cold weather workout, and I enjoyed myself! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that things are falling into place finally.


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