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January 18, 2009

Icy conditions Phebes is regressing work is not good.

Yesterday it was in the 20's with really stiff blowing and gusting wind. I opted not to ride, and boy was I ever glad. I caught Phebes and haltered her and tied her to the tie ring in her stall. I thought since it was miserable out I'd just give her a good brushing, scratch some itchy spots, and "bond" a little before time to feed. She immediately began pawing and striking her stall, and when I ignored that she commenced trying to rear tied up, and kicking the stall full bore with both hinds in one big hissy fit. She was so nasty I scrambled my butt out of the stall and latched the door and let her have at it. She used to pull these stunts on a near daily basis. Now it occurs only if she isn't getting the work she needs or she's too hot on feed. In this case I feel it is a little of both. I'd switched her back to a little higher NSC feed to keep her from losing any more weight from the work we were doing, and she hasn't had any work for over a week now. Bad combination and usually requires me to have a day of remedial training before she is safe to ride again. If I'd have rode her yesterday it would not have been good, so glad that the weather sort of talked me out of it.

Today we had early morning icing conditions, and colder than yesterday. So again I opted out. I've tried to not be a winter weather weanie, and have actually learned to enjoy my winter riding, maybe even more than summer riding. I love sitting on the warm horse, chugging along, not sweating, not slapping those nasty fanged horse flies, always having water along the trail, it is nice! But temps below 25 coupled with stiff winds, and slippery trails, and Granny has to say "time out." Even if I do have to re-train my little knot head.

I spent a little time today sewing together a quilt block by hand. Got my ride in on the stationary bike, and read some more on a book I'm enjoying. A nice and peaceful day, but not as nice as an afternoon trotting down the trail. ~E.G.

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  1. I didn't ride either. And it's been 2 weeks since I rode! So I am getting stir crazy. I dewormed the horses Saturday and tied them up in the barn. (Usually I tie them outside) Jazz did a little hissy fit. Not nearly like Phebe though. Of course Jazz is 18 years old, she should know better. But I think she was afraid I was going to leave her tied in the stall by herself while I rode Stormy. I had done that before (last summer) and she really hated being left alone.

    All she did was paw and move around some. Usually when I paid attention to Stormy and not her. Stormy stood like a rock. She's such a good horse. I just brushed, and dewormed them. Then let them go. Maybe next weekend!

    Oh, we did get the old farm house burnt down saturday morning. It was windy, but blowing in the right direction. It didn't take too long for the majority of it to burn up quickly.

    Michelle Detmer