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January 19, 2009

I had to ride

Cold, wind, snow...I don't care, I had to ride today. Phebes had a major hissy fit on Saturday, and managed to kick me today during ground exercises. A truck she dislikes came rattling by as we were changing directions on the lead line, she swerved in and kicked out with both feet, connecting on my right hip. I was glad for my extra fat, as it was a glancing blow and hurt my pride (and ticked me off a little) but otherwise I was alright. After leadership was established again ***sigh*** I saddled up, and headed her out to the back. We have trails through our property that I ride on when the footing is bad, and off the property when it is good. Definitely still pretty slick so we kept on our place, but we still had three creeks to cross, trails through the woods, a deadfall, and a field, and several downed logs to cross (oh, and the beagle Daisy Duke was out there on the trail of a rabbit). For the most part she did real well, and it felt so GOOD TO BE RIDING after about nine days off! I'd like to get her out for a ride this Wednesday and hoping the weather doesn't sabotage my long ride on the weekend.

Phebes is like a ghost in the woods when the landscape looks like this. The brown and black of the trees, the white snow, she just fades right in like she's part of the winter landscape. It felt so good to have the wind on my face, and the clean smell of winter and horse all around me. Riding just does something wonderful for the soul when things are working right. ~E.G.

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