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January 27, 2009

Hanging English Fenders On A Western Saddle

I really like how the new Crestridge fits Phebes and it continues to perform well for her with increasing distances and pace. But I would really like to lighten up the saddle and be able to get my Easy Ride Stirrups on it. This would require using english leathers which I have. How big a deal would it be to make the switch? Would losing the fenders reduce my overall weight by a few pounds? The stirrups I am using are steel and have a little weight to them. I have a tendency of losing my right stirrup when things get exciting, and that was not such an issue with the Easyride Stirrups. Nicole had posted up a photo of a saddle where someone had done this, and it looked really nice, much more streamlined, less bulk. I might just do it. ~E.G.

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