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January 28, 2009


Icky stuff coating barn, tree, ground, and electric fencing.
Clear, cold, and inhibiting riding progress!
Extremely inconvenient, though kind of pretty to look at.

I awakened at 4:30 this morning to the sound of tic-tic tic-tic-tic....and no, it was not my clock, but the sound of freezing ice droplets hitting the trees, roof, and anything else in its path. I let the dogs (Molly, Maggie May, and Spoody) out to pee. The boxers quickly started dropping through the ice crust, while Maggie May skated right across the top to their business. We delayed letting the horses out this morning until the ice changed over to snow. Cree and Phebes were being "mean" to my Puddin' (my almost blind 22 year old arabian), chasing her out of the multiple hay piles. I finally had to sneak some hay into the lean to shed for her so she could eat and generate body heat. Keeping them in the barn isn't a very good option since Phebes goes crazy if stalled for more than 12 hours. I know some folks love this stuff, getting to miss school or work, or just generally being snowed in. What's wrong with you all? *LOL* Don't know when our next ride date will be, since there isn't a thaw in sight, and we will need one before the parks will open up the roads and the trails again to horse traffic. ***very big mournful sigh*** Guess I'll putter around the house today...~E.G.

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