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December 15, 2008

Time Distance Speed Chart & other questions?

Once upon a time I saw on the web a chart that had distance, speed, and then the time done up in sort of a graph format. Does anyone have it? Or know if there is a link where I can find it? I'm using my Garmin to record distance and time, but I want to start plotting goals such as Today I will ride 10 miles and I'll do it at 6 mph, so the max time is ? Seems like a no brainer really, and I know it is a simple mathematical formula. Is it just Distance/Speed= Time? That seems like it should be right.

Phebes has about 250 long slow distance miles on her now. Is it okay to start really trotting out, and cantering some uphills in training? Our average speed is still slow, about 4.8 mph. I'd like to torque it up to average about 6 mph. She's a four year old and I don't want to create any lameness issues, but I'm also ready to get on with it as far as training goes. ~E.G.


  1. Hey there. I have a similar chart that I designed and would be happy to share, if you like. I keep one posted in my horse trailer at rides, and another copy resides in my saddle bags. :-)

  2. There is a riding clinic at my friend's house in Verona, KY this Sunday. We could haul together if you want. I sent your more info in an e mail. It's very informal and you can tell the instructor what you want to work on. Like maybe "rating" your speed. They are familiar with bitless bridles, barefoot, arabians, and endurance too. You'd enjoy meeting everybody. If your interested in going let me know. Oh, and it's only $35 for a 50 minute lesson!

  3. Tamara, I'd love to have to chart. Makes it easier to set a pre-ride goal, then I'll use the Garmin to try and keep on track.
    Thank you!

    Michelle, I emailed your privately on the clinic. ~E.G.