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December 15, 2008

Getting to Know Phebes

As we are quickly approaching year's end I'm amazed at some of what Phebes and I have gone through, and what we have accomplished. Even though we have some sticky issues to work out, still we have come so far this year.

The beginning of the year we were really just starting under saddle. In February she tried unseating me, I dropped a rein, and ended up landing on my head for a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONCUSSION." After being kind of scattered in mind for a few days, my husband bought me a new helmet. So we continued on in our training until April when I sent her to a trainer, and that went bad in all kinds of ways. So back home, and me doing the undersaddle work myself.

Between work and personal responsibilities much of the summer was lost, but those opportunities that I did have, were spent on the back of this horse, or working at trailer loading, or in general ground manners lessons. By the end of summer she was loading well, and we made our first trip to the park to trail ride. That was a really scary time for both of us, as I was so lacking in confidence with her, and I feel she felt pretty much the same about me. So far this year we about 250 miles on the trail, plus general ground work, and round pen exercises. I never knew it could be so hard to train a horse. I've never felt that Phebes is a stupid horse, rather it is I who lack the communication tools at times to get across what I want, or the skill to make her see me as a leader vs. a predator. I have a great respect for people who do this task well.

My grubby little cross bred filly has blossomed into this beautifully elegant little horse. I never thought she would turn out to be so pretty when her sorrel color pattern started going grey. She has a strong forward trot developing with so much impulsion I can hardly keep up with it, and this horse loves to run, and run, and run. My worries about her top speed of 2.9 mph are no more. Now I need brakes *LOL*

My hope, and my dream, is to have a true partnership someday with this horse. Her dam was an awesome horse, so giving and trying. Phebes has the potential to surpass her, and to be that horse I've always wished for...if I can just hang on for the ride. ~E.G.

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